Product Catalog

Vision & Mission

                  "  Our Vision is to be a global leader in Transformer Insulation through high technology    products and services"

We will drive growth through our excellence in mass manufacturing.
We will move up the value chain through rapid development of technology, products and services.
We will leverage our relationships, distribution, cost leadership and "can do" attitude to become a global market leader in every business.


Our Values

Thinking and working together across functional silos, hierarchies, businesses and geographies. Cooperating and supporting each other towards common goals.


Consistently behaving and taking decisions in an ethical, trustworthy and fair manner in all spheres of life.

Missionary zeal coming out of one's heart to drive to the goal which gives one a feeling of "do it with pride" and "love to be there". A feeling that encourages one to dream & realise the dreams. Self commitment to give more than 100% & create value.


Meeting and exceeding customer's expressed or implied expectations by a "do it" attitude and by doing right, first time, on time and every time.