Quality Assurance

We at Umang boards regard our quality as key differentiator with our competitor and key driver for us to position our selves as “first choice” partners for our customers. We deploy statistical quality control tools to asses and control variation at every stage.

  • All incoming materials are checked on extremely tight tolerance
  • Every manufactured sheet is subjected to In line checks to ensure
    1. Metal particle detection – ferrous and Non ferrous up to sphere size of 0.5 mm.
    2. Thickness measurement with the accuracy of +_ 0.02 mm.
    3. Moisture control to the tune of +_ 1 % of stipulated 5% moisture limit.
  • Mechanical tests: Universal testing machines with changeable fixtures and ability to conduct customized test according to the raw material and finish product to ascertain tensile strength , elongation ,compressibility & flexure strength as prescribed in IEC , JIS, ASTM ,BIS or customers standards.
  • Chemical tests : Chemicals and other special purpose instruments are used to verify finished products  as per IEC , JIS, ASTM ,BIS or customers standards  
    1. Balances
    2. Balloon heater
    3. Climatic test cabin
    4. Various chemicals , water bath
    5. PH Determination
    6. Conductivity
    7. Density
    8. Drying oven with vacuum or air
  • Electrical laboratory measuring system incorporates following instruments and systems,
    1. Test transformer- 100 KV
    2. AC measuring instrument -100 KV
    3. Measuring Capacitor-100 KV
    4. Peak voltmeter
    5. Versatile partial discharge system

Our Labs are equipped with all the above facilities manned by finest technical brains to ascertain a our products are '0' defect .