Transformer Boards

Electrical grade sulphate pulp sourced from worlds top pulp producing regions combined with filtered and treated water  is converted to board employing advanced  paper and fiber machines. We also further board made by us in to machined and milled components & diamond dotted paper and other auxiliary products

Sever process control and safeguards are employed through out the process right from pulping to forming & drying of sheet material, we employ inline control devices like metal detection, thickness control under supervision of skilled and trained staff to ensure “best in class” product.


Electrical grade insulating pre compressed press board & its components are  primary insulation material used in  power, distribution and special transformers. Sheet of  base is converted to cylinders, strips, spacers, rings. Washers, plates, machine formed and shaped parts, punching and laminates. For conversion Multiple methods & techniques like sawing, punching, planning, sanding, milling, routing, bending and gluing are employed. We ensure strict control whole process chain having an positive impact over product quality, adding value to the product.

It is hardly to emphasize the importance of insulation in a transformer. Due to ever growing demand have led to  ever increasing higher transmission voltages. The increasing transformer rated voltages and MVA throughputs have been possible by better insulation, Transformer life is almost wholly dependant quality of insulation.